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We offer precisely designed Hook Lift. The system of our Hook Lift is based on HCV Chassis. Small and big municipalities procure our Hook Lift for use as a garbage station. Containers with capacity around 14 to 20 cubic meters are fixed at different transfer stations. Garbage collected in Tippers, Dumpers Placers etc. is shifted to these containers. The Hook Lift efficiently lifts the containers and transports it to dumping ground.

Attributes :

  • Smooth operations
  • Extremely efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy construction


Usha Engineerings is Sole Distributors of Succi Lift ( Italy) for Hook Lifts in India.

Amongst the equipment designed and manufactured by Liftech include, Small Hook loaders,large Hook loaders, Bin Systems.
Hooklift equipment is subjected to the Regulations and Standards which apply to Cranes, and in particular to lorry mounted cranes.
Liftech Hooklifts are designed and constructed to comply with the relevant sections of European Standards and EU Quality
The Liftech produces a wide range of equipment, ranging from 3 ton to 40 tons. But in the same way Liftech is able to produce models tailored to specific customer requirements.

Some of Succi Lift most award model: "SUCCI-LIFT" SH27-56J:

The Liftech SH27-56 have been specially developed to pick up standard hooklift bins from 8m3 to 38m3 with an effective loading, unloading and tipping capacity of 27 TON\300 Bar. The Liftech units are also available with sliding jib or sliding jib plus articulating. This allows operator to pick up under low head heights such as 3600mm, depending on the truck chassis, container details and loading station. The Liftech frame height is only 240mm which is the lowest compared to other competitors.
This is achieved by using advanced materials in construction of the Hooklift, and allowing reduced weight.
The Tipping cylinders are 200mm dia. which allows loading of heavy loads with less hydraulic press, which also increases life of the truck gear box.
The Liftech range of Hooklifts are fitted with large heavy duty Bin clamps that are machined from solid steel, not cast like others brands of Hooklifts. The solid steel bin clamps are fitted inside a machine steel guides which gives very effective clamping power and strength.

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